Interview - Fa-Chung Chen

15th January 2016


Mr. Fa-Chung Chen from Wain Tsiang, a company trading NDT material in Taiwan, kindly accepted to answer our questions.


Wain Tsiang



Can you let us know how the NDT market is in Taiwan?

Not a big market but we have some regular needs.


What are the main sectors using NDT in Taiwan?

Industry, mostly petrochemical, energy, fossil and nuclear power plants, metal industry, a few research institutes, universities, and service companies.


Which technology is the most required there?

Conventional NDT and advanced NDT technologies.


Do you think that the improvements of the new version, (especially the new analysis module included in the UT module of CIVA) fit with the needs of the market?

Yes! But if it could be like ANSYS, and have different version of the software for industry and academics for different price, it might be more widely used by more customers.


What are the main expectations of the NDT market in your opinion in terms of Simulation?

Technically, CIVA is good enough for competition, especially in the UT field.

If I may say so, if the cost for the same version of CIVA used in the academic field and in the industry could be different, it might be more accepted by the potential customers in the academic field.


Thank you very much for your time and replies. To answer your last comment, we just released CIVA Education, precisely for that purpose.