Corner echoes with P mode: Synthesis of the validation cases

Before presenting in details the studied configurations, the table below synthesizes the studied cases. In the “HxL_D” code, H corresponds to the notch height, L its extension while D corresponds to the specimen thickness.


  2MHz immersion probe 5MHz immersion probe 2MHz contact probe
Probe's characteristics Ø12.7 mm, Water path 25 mm Ø6.35 mm, Water path 25 mm Ø12.7 mm
P45 case 0,5 à 15×15_30 2×2_20, 2×5_20, 2×15_20 et 6×15_20 10×20_37.5 et 10×20_47
P60 case   2×2_20, 2×5_20, 2×15_20 et 6×15_20  
Influence of the Notch height Refraction angle Echoes analysis


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